How to get to the pizzeria I Due Forni in Berlin.

Try the cozy restaurant in Berlin-Mitte and see for yourself the quality of the food and the ambience.

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tel. No.: 030 - 44 01 73 33

Open daily!


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Schönhauser Allee 12

10119 Berlin


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Mediterranean food in general.

Mediterranean cuisine encompasses the traditional cooking styles and dishes of countries around the Mediterranean such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco.

There are many common ingredients and cooking techniques in Mediterranean cuisine, such as olive oil, fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and spices such as oregano and lemon zest.

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Mediterranean cuisine is also known for its rich variety of fruits and vegetables, which are used in many dishes. Mediterranean cuisine is often considered healthy and balanced and plays an important role in the Mediterranean diet.

There are many Mediterranean restaurants around the world that offer traditional Mediterranean dishes. The I Due Forni is one of the best.

Pizzeria i due Forni in Berlina real pizza from Italy