Pizzeria I Due Forni in Berlin-Mitte.

Delicious and crispy pizza at the Italian restaurant I Due Forni in Berlin Mitte with a delivery service. The restaurant offers excellent, top-class meals.

tel. No.: 030 - 44 01 73 33

Open daily!

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Delivery service and a pick-up service is offered at I Due Forni in Berlin.

The traditional Italian pizza is carefully prepared and prepared with a lot of Italian experience.

The pizzeria is an Italian restaurant in a class of its own. The delicious pizza from Berlin with the Italian tradition across generations. The food is prepared very carefully and always tastes good.

Even when buying vegetables and ingredients for the pizza toppings, attention is paid to quality. The ingredients are bought daily from the market and prepared individually for each guest.

The Italian restaurant has an open kitchen and lots of seating outside and inside.

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Crispy pizzas fresh every day.

The preparation is carried out professionally by the best chefs in Berlin. The delicious crispy base and the fresh tomato sauce with oregano make the pizza unique and individual in Berlin.

The food is checked beforehand and then handed out for serving so that you get the food fresh on time.

Fresh salad and fresh Italian food only at I Due Forni in Berlin Mitte.

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Delicious original Italian pizza, great to enjoy in Berlin Mitte. Delicious food like noodles, pasta and good pizza .